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Convex mirrorConsidering the high rate of crimes happening around the world because of the unemployment rate which continuously rising, everyone is a potential victim. People sometimes commit crimes out of recklessness just to survive and sometimes they don’t even think twice considering the consequences which may follow after committing the crime. With this social status of people you should think not just twice but thrice on how you are going to protect your premises especially your business. If you have a business and don’t want to be a victim of any crime, you can rely on convex mirror for assistance. It is actually practiced by a lot of convenience and retail store owners to protect the premises of their business.

Why Rely in Convex Mirror

Convex mirror is not just suitable for retail and convenience stores. In fact, you can actually see it in different places like parking lots, on road traffic signs to have a wide visibility, you can even see it on cars, and different parts of buildings like hallways and entrance. Convex mirror is actually one of the things that you should not forget to install for safety purposes. If you have a property to protect, convex mirror is the most suitable device that you should consider. For example you have a convenience store, installing a dome mirror at the center of your ceiling gives you a wide range of visibility making it easier for thieves to be spotted when they are doing their dirty little job.

Why Convex Mirror?

Don’t become a victim of crime. Rely on convex mirror for assistance. With the high rate of crime in today’s society, you know that your life is in jeopardy all the time. Don’t wait to become a victim because safety is just cheap with the help of convex mirror. Aside from its low maintenance cost, this mirror can withstand any kind of weather. You don’t have to worry about it being installed outdoor because you can actually rely from it even when the weather doesn’t cooperate well. The good thing about installing convex mirror is that it doesn’t need energy to power it up unlike electronic gadget that needs continuous amount of energy in order for it to function well and serve you right.

Crime rate continuously rising day by day, but it you have protection maybe you might scare away criminals with this simple and convenient to use convex mirror. You only have to think the right spot where you are going to install it in order for you to protect your property as well as your life. Valuing your business is equals to your life so don’t waste time thinking whether you are going to install convex mirrors or not because you know that you are required to do it. Relying on convex mirror for assistance is a must if you don’t want yourself to be a victim of a crime just because you lack safety measures installed in the premises of your business. Might as well say one convex mirror might scare the burglars away.

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Convex security mirror

Safety and security full dome mirrors have countless uses and applications.  In fact, nearly every school, parking garage, prisons and hospitals have mirrors as their security device that protects the people from bad elements and accidents.  Most full dome mirrors were constructed from glass.  This material offers a perfect view but the problem is that it can easily breakdown.  When these glasses are broken in hallways or garage, it can cause a lot of problem, thus will no longer perform its job effectively.  

Duramir is one of the famous brands when it comes to mirrors and most preferred by many. Duramir full dome mirrors provide a full range of vision for optimum security in institutional facility, jail and prison environment. This is because these mirrors provide a complete 360° visibility range. With this wide range, prisoners who are trying to escape or hiding in blind spots can be easily seen by prison guards.  Clear image is provided even in hidden areas and around corners as well as in distance.  In addition, vandalism and theft by prisoners can be avoided by monitoring the corners and aisles of these institutional facilities.  

Apart from the fact that Duramir full dome mirrors provide a full range of vision for optimum security in institutional facility, jail and prison environment, this is brand also offers other benefits. Duramir is the most cost-effective, unbreakable, durable full domes available.  They are made from the highest quality materials which are superior in strength compared to polycarbonate mirrors being sold elsewhere.  Since Duramir full dome mirrors are unbreakable, they are perfect for psych wards, hospitals, jails and prisons. Prisoners cannot easily break these mirrors and they have no chance of using the broken pieces as weapons.  In addition, these mirrors provide very clear reflections wherever the locations are. They can withstand even the toughest impact, resistant to chemicals and less expensive compared to polycarbonate mirrors.

Mounting these Duramir full dome mirrors is very easy.  They can be hang using chains or directly mounted to the ceilings.  In addition, they come in different sizes such as 18 inches, 26 inches, 32 inches and 36 inches.  If the institutional facility is big, it is best to choose the biggest size of full dome mirrors and if the area is small, the smallest mirror size is already enough.  This is due to the fact that the bigger the full dome mirrors size is, the greater the area it can cover.

Indeed, Duramir full dome mirrors provide a full range of vision for optimum security in institutional facility, jail and prison environment.  With Duramirs, you can keep track on what is happening inside and outside of the institutional facilities.  Prisoners and prison guards are both protected from unexpected events, collisions or accidents.  Since they are unbreakable, these full dome mirrors are considered as a sensible investment which will pay off continuously for the next years to come.  This is the reason why most prison wardens prefer Duramir full dome mirrors than any other brands in the market. 

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ConvexConvex mirror is a curve shaped mirror which reflects an object to bulge toward the source of light. It is commonly used for a car because it provides wider field of view. It is also used for building hallways in hospitals, apartment buildings, stores, hotels and schools. It is useful in places that have limited visibility and blind spots. Using convex mirrors to roadsides, alleys and driveways provide safety for motorist especially at curves and turns.

With a bleak economic outlook ahead, why a convex mirror can be the silver in the cloud because of the benefit it provides such as safety and security to the user. Compared to a typical mirror, a convex mirror features broad view which allows drivers to see more of their back. Aside from motorbikes, stores, building hallways, convex mirror can also be used in cell phones for self-portrayal shots. Automated teller machines from banks, stores and establishments use this type of mirror to help in getting wide view on things happening behind them.

Protecting your family, your property and yourself nowadays is the most important things to do especially with all the violence, theft, robbery and crime rates that continuously increase, and trying to prevent those by taking extra effort to find ways is a must. Choosing convex mirror for your parking space, hallways and even areas inside your household can serve as one necessary security precaution.  The great benefits that you can get from convex mirrors will provide you wider and better view in places that has minimal visibility and blind spot. And with a bleak economic outlook ahead why a convex mirror can be the silver lining in the cloud, it serves as a good strategy for people to avoid mischiefs from happening.

Since a convex mirror makes object to appear smaller, the capacity of it to have a wider view in small spaces is exceptional. This means that even if you are standing far from a place where a mischief or violence could happen, it will provide you the opportunity to have a better view. The availability of convex mirror increases due to the demand of people using it. There are countless convex mirror products that are available in the market that promise to provide durability and reliability. Convex mirrors can also be used outdoors even in bad weather conditions due to its durability. One great advantage of convex mirror for motorist is the judgment of speed and calculation of distance can be easily noticed because of the curvature of the mirror in the car.

There are different types of lens used in convex mirrors. One is acrylic mirrors that are made with high quality materials to provide a clear reflection, strong impact, scratch resistance and UV stability and it can be used for both indoor and outdoor. Another type is duramir which provides value and durability because this lens is made with Co-polyester material which allow lens to be unbreakable. These are just few lens type that can be used for convex mirror to provide good quality.

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Shop Mirrors For Your Business

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Shop mirrors are used for a number of purposes in a retail store environment. This can be anything from allowing customers to see themselves in clothing they may purchase to displaying goods in a better way. Shop mirrors also come under the category of security also and can be used to observe and deter shoplifters. The mirrors used in shops come in a range of sizes and can be stylish and elaborate or simplistic and functional. It really depends on the atmosphere the store wishes to create.

First off let’s look at the use of shop mirrors in the fashion and clothing sector of retail. Mirrors are placed both on the shop floor and in changing rooms, both serve a different purpose. First off having store mirrors placed around the shop floor makes customers aware of their appearance that day. It puts them in a frame of mind that is conscious of their appearance. This then allows shops to sell clothes to customers easier than if the entire focus was on the clothing contained within the store. This also allows customers to have a quick look at how clothing might fit them or look on them. This can then lead to a direct sale or them taking the garment to the changing area to try on. There is a lot of psychology in retailing and the use of shop mirrors plays a large part in this. They are also used to create an atmosphere of openness and space in smaller stores. By placing mirrors in the right places and next to white decor a sense of openness is created. This makes customers feel more relaxed than if they were in a darker and more closed environment.

Shop mirrors can also be used to create a stylish decor in a retail environment. If they have beautiful or posh frames they can give a sense of elegance and sophistication to a store. They give signals to customers that the items contained within that space are of quality and class. The surrounding decor that makes up the interior of a shop often affects customers perceptions of the value and quality of the items themselves. It has been proven with research that customers would be willing to pay more or less for the same item depending on the surrounding environment. This makes the use of decor, shop mirrors, fittings and shelves very important on customer’s perceptions. The perceptions that customers have of a store and a brand directly translate into sales and the value of sales.

In addition to the physical make up of the interior decor of a shop, mirrors can also act as a security item. This can be placement of a convex security mirror in an area of the store that is sensitive to shoplifting. This will act as a deterrent for thieves who look for soft targets. By sending out the signal that they are being observed casual thieves are less likely to try and steal.


Article by Wycliffe Williams

It does not matter if you are writing articles or sales copy, there is one ever present question running through your customers mind. And that $ 64,000 question is this, what is in it for me? Everything you write must be written so that this important question is always answered.

If you never provide an answer to this question in your writing, the next best thing to do is pack it in, and bid your customer goodbye. You can bet that the sale is as good as over. Although your product may be filling a need, it is crucial that you further develop that need in the mind of your customer. You do this by telling your customer about the many benefits of your product.

Some or all of the benefits may be important to your customer. But which one is most important, or which one is least important? You don’t know, do you? If you want to master the two way mirror effect, you must be able to look right through the two way mirror, see your customer on the other side and place yourself in his shoes.

Then, take your benefits and fit them to your customer in order of importance. The two way mirror effect is about your ability to slip over the other side of the fence in order to see things from your customers point of view. It is the ability to see what your customer sees. It is never about you and what you see, but rather it is about your customer and what your customer sees.

When you can accomplish that kind of intimate two way mirroring, you will be able to present the benefits of your product in the order that is important to your customer. Here is an idea that can help you to achieve this.

Look closely at everything that people purchase. Look at their car, their cell phone, look into their shopping bags. What do you see? Why did they purchase what you see? Put yourself in their shoes.

Then set about writing down reasons why people buy the things that they buy? When you can figure out what those reasons are, then you will be well on your way to mastering the two way mirror effect.Before you even start your article writing, you must know the important benefits your product provides your customer. Then, line them up in order of importance, based on all the information you can get about your customer and your product.

By the way, there has been an overabundance of articles littered with the word I. That is a no no. Substitute that word I with the word you. This is the essence of the two way mirror effect. Mastering the two way mirror effect forces you to answer the question what is in it for me.

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Communications Practicum Music Video.m4v

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Brittne K. Gerald February 6, 2012 Professor Boland Communications Practicum Story Description I. ESTABLISHING UNIT — [Fade In] Main Actor [Eemon] sits in front of the mirror smoking and reminiscing about his past and its trigger to his addiction to the drug marijuana. From this viewers can see that Eemon used marijuana as an emotional barrier. [Smoke can be seen in the background.] II. First Act — Main Actor is sitting in class unable to concentrate on his academic task because his mind is on drugs. Main actor cannot sleep or eat because of how bad he is feigning. III. Second Act to Turning Point – Main actor contacts his dealer after 3 days of being clean. Here the viewers can see and understand: His body no longer produces its own natural chemicals to manage emotional pain, so not having the marijuana caused him to become “dope sick.” When the drug was not replenished, he went into withdrawal. He never experienced this before, because the withdrawal didn’t occur with occasional use, but after time, as he used more and more drugs, his body became dependent on more and more drugs, and the abrupt removal of marijuana was devastating to his body. IV. Turning Point to 2nd Act Curtain– [Light's dim a little] Eemon looks at a picture of his father and suddenly remembers how his father ended up in jail. Here the viewers can see and understand: Eemon catches on to the realization that drug addicts aren’t successful students like himself. They’re people who live on the
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I am looking to put up a floor to ceiling mirror or mirror tiles on my living room wall. Where can i find these types of mirrors or custom made mirrors in the lehigh valley, PA?

Best answer:

Answer by Nancy S (om Samir)
Lowes or Home Depot….if you have those. or……
A. Pioneer Glass & Mirror – – (610) 967-5849
B. Mesko Glass & Mirror – – (610) 433-9900
C. Mesko Glass & Mirror – – (610) 264-3000
D. Hecktown Glass & Window – – (610) 759-7285
E. Northampton Glass Works – – (610) 252-2002
F. Penn Allen Glass Co Inc – – (610) 435-1516
G. Glass Doctor of Lehigh Valley – – (610) 838-2411
H. Glass Doctor – – (610) 965-2711
I. Jack’s Glass Inc – – (610) 258-3714
J. Bethlehem Glass Works – – (610) 865-1315

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See All N12 Circular Glass Indoor Convex Security Mirror, 12″ Diameter (Pack of 1)

See All N12 Circular Glass Indoor Convex Security Mirror, 12

  • Use for safety, security and surveillance applications
  • It is available in glass with backings of hardboard
  • Mirrors include heavy duty mounting brackets which permit easy installation in most locations
  • Convex mirrors can be used in: retail stores, supermarkets, hospitals, warehouses, factories, industrial plants, loading docks, office buildings, schools, churches, restaurants, museums
  • Small areas and spot applications

Convex detection mirrors are easy to install – they are mounted simply and easily with the brackets provided in the container, just reference our convex mirror installation guide. The mirrors are equipped with a patented swivel assembly and are adjustable to most any position or angle. Wide angle vision permits you to see around blind corners, over center aisle gondolas and into hidden corners. Discourage shoplifters who need privacy before they risk a theft. Considered the greatest psychological deterrent by detective agencies, and endorsed by leading chain and department stores. They are on duty every minute of the day, and pay for themselves many times over in merchandise saved.

List Price: $ 37.92

Price: [wpramaprice asin="B001B0G8K4"]

[wpramareviews asin="B001B0G8K4"]


Question by Jade Orchid: Can you help me to find a convex security mirror (the kind for seeing around corners) for really cheap?
Used would be ideal…I don’t care where it comes from but I need it to be less than $ 20 dollars. Thanks! (Specific links would be GREAT!)

Best answer:

Answer by jhat
Some Radio shack stores have them in stock… need to call your local store….however….size means alot…standard is 12 inch but they come smaller…if you desire a smaller price,…….the new 12 inch mirrors run about 30 $ with a wall bracket…smaller ones may have to be ordered thru radio shack or option # 2 is your local safety store featured in the yellow pages,,,…prices run approx the same and they also stock more of a selection in new mdse. option #3 is check ebay and scroll to used security mirrors……… its up to you.good luck !! does this help ?

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Question by higgy2204: Where can I but a convex safety mirror for my driveway at a decent price.?

Best answer:

Answer by blondsta monsta
shame on for being so vain …fancy wantin to check yaself as ur driving …

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